About ICC Indonesia

About ICC Indonesia.

ICC Indonesia, a National Committee with an organizational Statute drawn in close reference with the Constitutions of ICC and KADIN Indonesia, retains a role as the representative of Republic of Indonesia to ICC and the membership coordinator to the Indonesian business enterprises and practitioners. As one of the objectives, ICC Indonesia pledges to contribute to the pursuit of increasing international trading with buyers’ foreign countries.

Significant to its role as the international commerce liaison, ICC Indonesia has successfully published UCP 600 in both English and Bahasa Indonesia that are made available to its members. Following to this accomplishment, ICC Indonesia had organized its first tutorial class for CDCS certification in 2007, and a series of workshops discussing International Trade Finance.

ICC Indonesia has been seriously concerned about the readiness of human resource capability to handle timely export transactions. Escalating all out efforts to support for this goal, requires all key stakeholders including banks to improve knowledge and skills of their officers and managers to accomplish International Trade transaction effectively

Within its role, ICC Indonesia continues to provide not only for books and publications, but also business trainings and workshops specific to International Trade subject to its members. While CDCS exam preparation and tutorial is an added-value service to customers.

Aiming at facilitating the import and export trading transactions whilst taking opportunity to earn fee-based incomes, Banks should designate their respective officers from both operation and marketing to attend the training. Parallel to this, it would be ideal that managers of banks are well qualified in managing the International Trade Finance Services. Accordingly, the CDCS tutorial class would be a mandatory choice for them to choose.