Mission and Objective


ICC Indonesia conveys a mission to represent Indonesia to the global business and facilitate the business players to be competent globally by practicing the international rules of games. To this extend, ICC Indonesia is actively encouraging and coordinating the business practitioners to join membership.



  • To encourage the international trade and commerce through Foreign Direct Investment.
  • To consolidate activities, policies, and positions of its members in dealing with international commerce and investments, thereby promoting consistency and efficiency.
  • To promote open market economy based on the principles of air competition among business enterprises.
  • To represent the collective interests and coordinate activities of commercial, professional, service and industrial enterprises operating in/ or with respect to Indonesia in dealing with matters related to international rules and regulations in the context of TCC and cooperation with both national and international organization.
  • To develop, organized and execute ICC project within the scope of policy/rule making as well as trade/investment facilitation to expand ICC’s services both nationally and globally.