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Corporate Membership
Keanggotaan Korporat


Keangotaan Perorangan


Iuran Tahunan

Please contact 

This is an email link: Send Mail

(021) 29667914 (Santi, Trisa, Susan)

Rp 3.000.000

Perwakilan Perusahaan:

1. Management Representative; and/or
Wakil Manajemen; dan/atau
2. International Trade and Rules Representative; and/or
Wakil untuk Perdagangan dan Peraturan Internasional; dan/atau
3. Dispute Resolution Representative
Wakil untuk Penyelesaian Sengketa


Max. 5 Persons

Maksimum 5 orang

The company may assign a representative to keep in constant contact with ICC Indonesia to be informed of any relevant matters.

Perusahaan dapat menugaskan seorang wakilnya untuk berhubungan dengan ICC Indonesia secara berkesinambungan sehingga segala hal-hal yang terkait dengan ICC dapat diinformasikan.


Single Person

Perorangan Tunggal

The registered person is his/her own representative

Orang yang terdaftar mewakili dirinya sendiri

Corporate Memberships are owned and issued in the name of the corporation. Companies, partnerships, or unincorporated associations may apply to become members. A company may nominate representatives based on their chosen corporate membership’s category, as explained above.

Individual Memberships are available to individuals who have an interest in international business.


a. Fill in the Membership Application Form and Return it to the ICC Secretariat via Email to:
b. The application will be reviewed and the secretariat will issue the invoice for the membership fee.
c. After the applicant has made the payment, send the receipt of payment to ICC via email
d. The member will receive confirmation as the Official Member of ICC Indonesia.


Please contact 

This is an email link: Send Mail

(021) 29667914 (Santi, Trisa, Susan)


1. Become a Member of ICC World Business Organization

You will automatically be a part of ICC, the world’s largest business organization, whose members include some of the most influential and dynamic companies, as well as leading experts in international trade and dispute resolution. 

2. Receive an Internal sharing session*

You are entitled to have an in-house 2-hour sharing session with ICC Indonesia Experts to discuss the latest issues in international trade and ICC rules.

*only for Membership Category – Corporate A

 3. Submit Queries through the International Business Support Desk (IBSD), Consultation and Advisory

You can submit questions to the experts through our International Business Support Desk via email, or have in-depth discussions with experts regarding international trade, trade rules and dispute resolution via appointment phone call or appointment meeting.

4. Get Updates on International
Rules & Issues, ICC Publications & Events

You will stay informed not only on new developments and latest updates on international rules and issues on Trade Finance, Arbitration, etc., but also on ICC Opinions, books, events, surveys, and more.


5. Participate in International Trade Forum Indonesia & Dispute Settlement Forum

You are welcome to participate in both the International Trade Forum (ITF) Indonesia organized by the Banking Commission to discuss the latest issues on international trade and the Dispute Settlement Forum organized by Arbitration & ADR Commission.


6. Receive the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin worth € 180/ year

You receive a complimentary subscription to the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin, featuring commentary, extracts and analysis of case decisions, updates and guidance on ICC dispute resolution processes, book reviews, and more. The editorial board for the Bulletin is comprised of 20 arbitration and dispute resolution specialists from all parts of the world

7. Get Special Price for ICC Publications, Trainings, Seminars & Workshops

You build skills and extend your network by receiving a member’s special price on exclusive ICC events in international trade, banking, and dispute resolution, and ICC Publications covering vital areas for international business such as arbitration, trade finance, commercial contracts and anti-corruption.


8. Have your Logo displayed on ICC Indonesia website

Corporate members can have their logo displayed on the ICC Indonesia website.


9. Network in Global Business

As an organization that focuses on international trade, ICC executes events regarded as the benchmark for international trade activities. ICC members will have exclusive access to ICC and partners’ events such as UN*, WTO, G-20, LIBF, SWIFT and ICC-CEO Forum among others.


10. Be Nominated as an ICC Arbitrator

The International Court of Arbitration® is the world’s leading arbitral institution that has been helping to resolve difficulties in international commercial and business disputes to support trade and investment. This institution will ask the National Committee to nominate Arbitrators to handle the registered cases.


11. Be Nominated as a Member of Task Force and ICC International Commission

The members will be nominated to participate (depending on the available vacancies) in determining the outcome of International Rules and Standards by getting involved in the task force under ICC International Commission (e.g.: ICC Banking Commission, ICC Arbitration & ADR Commission, ICC Digital Economy Commission, etc.).


12. Be Nominated as a Member & Alternate Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration®

Every year the ICC International Court of Arbitration® will ask the National Committee to nominate Members to sit as Member or Alternate Member of the International Court of Arbitration®.


13. Get an Opportunity to Promote Your Company through Event Sponsorship

ICC members receive distinctive opportunities to sponsor ICC global events, which will raise international exposure as well as enhance your company’s image in the international business community.



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