Certificate in Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a term that has been around for some time in the banking and finance market but historically definitions have varied considerably and there has been little consistency across the range of solutions and products available. In fact, the term ‘SCF’ is often used to describe a Payable Finance solution (a.k.a. Supplier Finance or Reverse Factoring) when in reality this is just one technique amongst a very broad range of solutions. The SCF family of techniques includes both receivables purchase based and loan based solutions as well as traditional documentary trade finance, and the certificate will introduce students to all these valid vehicles for financing supply chains. The defining characteristic of SCF is that the various techniques are driven by events in the physical supply chain and as such, the analysis of the client’s underlying trade cycle and the accurate identification of financing, risk mitigation (including foreign exchange management) and settlement needs are central to the approach.


The Certificate in Supply Chain Finance (CSCF) is relevant if you work or are aspiring to work within an area dealing with SCF. In completing this qualification, you will develop an understanding of the standard definitions for techniques of SCF, you will also learn how to identify funding gaps as a result of trade cycle analysis, understand clients needs and develop your skills in structuring and implementing SCF solutions offering a combination of receivables purchase, loan-based and documentary techniques as may be appropriate.


Objectives :

To provide the knowledge and skills required to be an effective international supply chain finance professional.


Qualification learning outcomes : 

  • Understand the need for and use of Supply Chain Finance
  • Understand and be able to apply Trade Cycle Analysis
  • Understand and be able to structure Supply Chain Finance solutions
  • Understand the practicalities of the implementation of Supply Chain Finance
  • Understand alternative financing and innovation in Supply Chain Finance