Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME)


Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME)


The Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME) provides you, as a lending relationship manager, credit officer or small business customer adviser with a thorough understanding of lending procedures to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs); the types and use of alternative data and the practices and legislation affecting lending.

CSME develops the appropriate technical knowledge and skills required to enable you to apply that knowledge to situations within the workplace. This globally relevant qualification provides a core understanding of the principles of SME lending, applying these techniques in both developed and developing market contexts and the roles and responsibilities that underpin small business lending. It also focuses on how alternative data can be applied to SME lending, examines the use of credit scoring and the use of alternative data in both product design and the automation of the credit decision. In addition to this core knowledge, CSME helps you to develop a basic understanding of loan monitoring and control. The qualification also develops an understanding of contemporary business lending topics and explains how digital disruption and innovation can be transformational in the SME lending arena, ensuring that students have relevant and up-to-date knowledge for the industry.

SME develops your understanding of the main principles associated with lending to SME’s in a global context and your ability to apply these principles in relevant case study scenarios.

Qualification learning outcomes:

  • Understand the SME market and how alternative data is having a transformative effect
  • Understand and assess an SMEs reasons for borrowing
  • Understand and assess the principle risks for SME lending
  • Understand and apply alternative data and lending techniques
  • Understand and explain the use and verification of data sources
  • Understand and assess SME’s financial statements
  • Understand and assess cash flow and projections
  • Understand loan structuring and alternative lending solutions
  • Be able to evaluate and offer solutions to business banking customers

Total Pertemuan:
5 Pertemuan

Pelaksanaan CSME Tutorial:
Setiap hari Sabtu

Tanggal Pelaksanaan:
11 Juni 2022 – 6 Juli 2022

4 Jam /pertemuan/hari

Rp 4.500.000 (Empat Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)

Ujian CSME
Pelaksanaan Ujian dilakukan secara Online
Biaya Peserta Baru: 370 GBP
Biaya Peserta Ujian Resit: 150 GBP

Pendaftaran dan informasi lebih lanjut silakan hubungi melalui email ke:
program@iccindonesia.org (Parman)
icc@iccindonesia.org (Susan)

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