Discrepancy Bills in Technical Perspective


Discrepancy Bills in Technical Perspective


The Background:

Handling the discrepancy of trade finance documents is a process that needs to have a specific skill. Ideally, managing trade finance transactions has two approaches when dealing with this discrepancy, first is the strategic approach and secondly is tactical / technical approaches which actually it is part of their strategic approach. Strategic approach is carried out through 3 main pillars, namely ensuring that staff conducting transactions have adequate competency in accordance with their fields, secondly, proper policies and procedures, comprehensive and easy to understand, thirdly, application systems that meet standard information technology (IT) requirement. Whereas the tactical / technical approach is a skill possessed by staff gained through continuous experience and learning as well training. This training is intended to provide tactical / technical field briefing on how to handle a discrepant document, in the form of preventive, identification (detective), and settlement (curative) techniques such as the determination of rules that are the basis, wording, and also how to handle counter rejection.



The workshop of ‘’Discrepancy Bills in Technical Perspective’’ is designed for Bank’s Trade Finance and services employee who is dealing with Trade Services, Financing and Sales as well as operations in their daily task. The overall objective of this workshop is to equip the participants through discussion of the best technical practice for their daily task and The Impact of Covid-19 on ICC Trade Finance Rules.



This workshop develops skills among trade person and prepares them for handling discrepancy (ies). It helps in reducing the costs of supervision, wastages and accidents. It also helps increase productivity and quality in handling discrepant bill cases.


Target Audience:

All bank’s employee who is dealing or related to Trade Services, Financing and Sales as well as operations in their daily tasks and responsibilities, such as: BM (Branch Manager), RM (Relationship Manager), Trade Operations, Internal Audit, Compliance and other interested parties.


Who Should Attend?

All bank’s employee who have the roles and responsibilities to ensure the smooth trade service, financing will gain benefit from this workshop.

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