Non-Performing Loan


Non-Performing Loan


 Lending money is a risky business and sometimes lending decisions, with hindsight, can prove wrong. No lender should be criticized if their original judgement was based on thorough reasoned analysis of all the facts available at the time of lending. However, criticism is justified if a lending goes wrong because of a failure to spot obvious warning signs, because of poor monitoring and control, and/or any delay in taking prompt remedial action.  As Covid-19 impacts on our lives it brings unprecedented factors in how we monitor our loan portfolios and how bankers and our customers manage their businesses.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  1. Effectively probe and investigate clients’ business situations at any given time
  2. Develop effective action plans that can be put into effect in times of turbulence
  3. Be able to identify potential problems in Commercial and Corporate lending portfolios
  4. Establish whether a loan should be refinanced, restructured, or exited
  5. Identify primary areas of a business that might require corrective action in order to turn them around
  6. Be able to significantly improve collections from loan recoveries


Target Audience:

The program is designed for commercial or corporate banking professionals from a range of roles such as; relationship managers, portfolio managers, credit officers and risk managers. As a pre-requisite, individuals should at least have a foundation level understanding of the corporate and commercial credit analysis and the lifecycle of corporate loans.


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