Overdue Bills in Technical Perspective


Overdue Bills in Technical Perspective


The Background:

Handling overdue bills trade finance is complex in contrast to the handling of general loan transactions. This complexity is due to various factors and processes inherent in the trade finance transaction itself. From the point of view of credit risk, trade transactions have a less risky compare to other loan transactions, therefore sometimes both the policy and procedure as well as the expertise of the staff is not adequate in handling overdue bills. Generally, when overdue bills occur, credit rating of the debtor will be downgraded. The question is, what happened if the overdue bills is caused by the inability of the issuing bank to pay the LC? How should banks take action if there is a moratorium on foreign payments imposed by the government of a country?



The workshop of ‘’Over Due Bills in Technical Perspective’’ is designed for Bank’s Trade Finance and services employee who is dealing with Trade Services, Financing and Sales as well as operations in their daily task. The overall objective of this workshop is to equip the participants through the discussion of best technical practice and the Impact of Covid-19 on ICC Trade Finance Rules’’.



This workshop is used as an effective tool of planning and control. It develops skills among trade persons and prepares them for handling present and future jobs by increasing productivity and quality develops skills for handling Past due Bills. It helps in reducing the costs of supervision, wastages and accidents.


Target Audience:

All bank’s employee who is dealing or related to Trade Services, Financing and Sales as well as operations in their daily tasks and responsibilities, such as: BM (Branch Manager), RM (Relationship Manager), Trade Operations, Internal Audit, Compliance and other interested parties.


Who Should Attend?

All bank’s employee who have the roles and responsibilities to ensure the smooth trade service, financing will gain benefit from this workshop.

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